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On Mirror Mirror

Today I watched Mirror Mirror, one of the recent Hollywood interpretations of Snow White.Mirror Mirror

In contrast to Snow White & the Huntsman (the other recent remake, starring Kristen Stewart at her dark and brooding best), this was light and bright and very Disneyesque in the way it told a fairytale.

It was very watchable, and a lovely way to spend a couple of hours; the costumes were a delight; and it did, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear, pass the Bechdel Test.

In actual fact, it was another attempt to offer up a slightly more girl-power version of the story, than the usual, typical, naive Snow White who can’t help but falling for her evil stepmother’s trap, and has to be rescued by a random passing prince. In the Mirror Mirror version old Snow is a little bit tougher, and fights her own battles quite nicely, which is nice to see.

However, in making Snow White the hero of the tale, they somehow managed to make the Prince into a wee bit of an eejit. He does sort of redeem himself towards the end, but it’s not a particularly convincing bit of character development, and I do rather wonder why it had to be one or the other. Either the Prince saves poor, helpless Snow White, or Snow White has to save herself because her Prince is a bit useless. No room for teamwork, apparently.


Still though. Good film.

In summary: reviewing.

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