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On the Power of Love.

So, today I spent a good few hours working in Caffe Nero.

All was well until a young man came in and sat two seats away from me, in my favourite corner. He was quiet; a student, reading a book, drinking his coffee and minding his own business, and I was happy to share the space, but then a Coldplay song arrived on the Nero playlist and he started singing along. He had a charming, tuneful voice, so I could hardly complain about that, but for some reason I couldn’t not be irritated by him.

And then, as if this one song had allowed his true colours to appear, he continued to sing along with every single song that featured. Caffe Nero’s playlist is pretty varied: I heard Dylan, and Coldplay, and some random folk, and swing, and, inexplicably, he knew (and sang along) to it all.

The final straw came when Gabrielle Aplin’s ‘The Power of Love’  (the cover of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood Christmas hit) came on, and all attempts to ignore him were lost.

I had been tweeting a little about his singing, but at this point I gave up all hope of continued productivity, and tweeted this:

blogThe Twitter chat that followed with some of my colleagues demonstrates the level of love for 80s Pop amongst the staff of UCCF (or the delicate state of mind of the staff of UCCF at this point in the term), and it has also caused me to spend much of the rest of today singing various different songs, all of which share this one, fairly uninspiring title: The Power of Love.

Celine, Jennifer, Huey, Frankie or Gabrielle? Which is the winner for you?

In summary: Huey Lewis and the News (and Michael J. Fox) for the win.


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One thought on “On the Power of Love.

  1. I’m with you on that although I do quite like the John Lewis snowman one 😉

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