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On some random Tuesday thoughts

Despite the fact that March is nearly over we’re still very much in the depths of winter. It was snowing for most of the day and I feel like I’m living in a low-budget version of The Day After Tomorrow, just with a lot less snow, fewer tidal waves and/or escaped wolves, and no sign of Jake Gyllenhaal coming to the rescue.


A snowy Gosforth Park this morning (zero sign of wolves or Gyllenhaals).

I’m currently enjoying wearing my new cardigan, recently snapped up in a Primark sale. It is a sort of Fair Isle Batwing style thingy, and is very snug and warm (so perfectly appropriate attire if we are, in fact, entering a new ice age).

I’m now working on knitting my own version using a giant ball of grey Aran wool I found in my stash. There will be no Fair Isle in this one, but there may be cables.

I haven’t tried to design my own jumper/cardigan pattern before, so this experiment may be a total disaster, but at least it will give me something to do over my Easter break.

I did spend the afternoon in Caffe Nero again, but thankfully there was no sign of #coffeeshopsinger, so lots of work got done.

In summary: Tuesday.



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2 thoughts on “On some random Tuesday thoughts

  1. Nice to hear that the snow has made it up to you – wouldn’t want to be keeping it all to ourselves down south 😉

    Completely unrelated to this post, a friend of mine posted this on FB, and I thought you might appreciate it:

  2. How goes the jumper/cardigan? xx

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