surrounded by clouds

On the North Sea

Paid a wee visit to the beach today. ‘Bracing’ is really the only word to describe that kind of weather.

We’ve had a couple of great days of blue skies and sunshine, and I think that might be the end of spring (and summer, probably).

Cheery, eh?


In summary: Tynemouth.

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2 thoughts on “On the North Sea

  1. whatsnormality on said:

    Where is this picture taken? It looks just like the old barracks on the cliffs near Sydney mines where I visit often! 😛

    • ellidhcook on said:

      Hey, thanks for visiting! The photo was taken at King Edward’s Bay, Tynemouth (in the north east of England). It’s funny how castles/forts on cliffs seem to look the same the world over, isn’t it?

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