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On discussions.

I’m just back home from an evening spent with a few folk from church. We were discussing an article we had read, called:

Why Christians Should Let Non-Christians Off the Moral Hook by Carey Nieuwhof

I’d love to hear what you think about it.

In summary: interested.

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2 thoughts on “On discussions.

  1. I want to hear what YOU think of it 😉

  2. My first reaction to this was, I think, surprise that this isn’t more obvious to people, so I’m trying to work out why I find it so. Maybe it’s because the church still contains a lot of people who grew up in “Christian Britian”, whereas I have very much grown up “post Christian”, so “Christian” behaviour was not necessarily normative.

    Perhaps it’s because I’m quite mathematically-minded and can see the logic behind it; indeed, I often find myself saying in evangelistic situations something like “as a Christian, I believe doing x is wrong, but I don’t expect non-Christians not to do x, because they have no motivation to”.

    But perhaps it’s because I’m still a fairly new Christian, and so find it easy to think about things with a non-Christian mindset; because I still often don’t view the world as God does; because I don’t hate sin (including in other people’s lives) as much as I could/should.

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