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On the week [in summary].

This week I have been

Listening to: 

Wolfstone. Wonderful Scottish band who deliver a mixture of Highland folk and rock. It sounds weird, but they’re awesome, and bring back wonderful memories of dancing to them at the Kate Kennedy Club May Ball back when I was in first year of uni.


Why Christians Should Let Non-Christians Off the Moral Hook for a discussion with some folk at church.

The Holy Trinity: Understanding God’s Life by Stephen R. Holmes in preparation for a theology conference I’m heading off to tomorrow.


Lots and lots of stand up comedy on Netflix, but especially:

Des Bishop

Ed Byrne

And loads of episodes of The Comedy Store


More of the cardigan, and thinking slightly more seriously about knitting for babies (especially since one of them is due in a fortnight).

Talking about:

Matthew, Sainsbury’s, Proverbs, coffee, futures, seminars, CU houseparties, holidays, prayer, apologetics, Abraham and Moses, ballet, Burberry coats, knitting, childcare, labour, church, friends, money, planning ahead, history and memory, sunshine, new jackets, weaving, blogging, letters to the editor, magazines, soldiers and war, collages, James Bond, burgers, scavenger hunts, roast potatoes, wobbly teeth, and internet dating.

In summary: summarising.

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