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On the week [in summary].

This week I have been


More of The Holy Trinity: Understanding God’s Life by Steve Holmes.

Listening to:

Steve Holmes, Lawrence Osborn, Rosalee Velloso Ewell, Mike Reeves, and Gordon Kennedy, at the Scottish Evangelical Theology Conference on ‘Holy Trinity… Holy Living’.

David Platt on world mission (as part of our team days on the same theme).


More Sons of Anarchy. I’m now into season 2, and reminded of the horrendous nature of the opening episode, but persevering.


Knitted goodies for the newest Miss Anderson, and looking forward to meeting her tomorrow. Knitting things for babies is such fun: partly because they are little, so it doesn’t take long; and partly because the designs are just so darned cute.

Talking about:

Trains, coffee, Trinity, work, St Andrews, theology, Glasgow, memories, marriage, church, future, sin and choice, coffee, blogging, cake, unreached people, quizzes, family, knitting, names, toast, flowers, Freshers, speech therapy and strokes, ducks, bruises, and attempted assassinations.

In summary: summarising.


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