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On the perfect travel companion

I spent a good deal of today on trains. A morning in Leeds to interview some students for summer teams meant over three hours on trains, for less than two hours at the destination.

Still, knitting for baby Florence continues, so at least I was entertained.

Many of my colleagues enjoy train journeys because the fact that someone else is driving gives them the opportunity to get a bit of work done. Sadly, I am one prone to motion sickness, and so anything involving reading and/or writing is quite impossible in a car or on a train. Thankfully I am able to knit without either of those two skills so this one joy remains.

Disappointing not to be able to be productive in the ways I’d like, but not without use or function, I suppose.


In summary: knitting on trains.

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2 thoughts on “On the perfect travel companion

  1. garethleaney on said:

    Totes wish I’d thought of the motion sickness thing years ago…

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