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On a May Bank Holiday.

It’s been a properly warm and sunny May holiday today.

Not the usual state of affairs.

And I have spent the day at work, and travelling the length and breadth of the Tyne & Wear Metro system to get there. This morning I went out to Whitley Bay (the seaside) and spent time with Newcastle CU exec, praying and planning for the year ahead, and this evening I went down to Sunderland to speak at their CU meeting.

The visit to Sunderland was interesting. It was my first visit to the university, and I was struck, once again, by the remarkable similarity of university campuses across the globe. Sunderland reminded me quite a bit of the University of Johannesburg, in a weird way. A bit cooler, a lot less security, and a great deal less mental drivers around, but the whole feel of the architecture was very UJ-ish and then sitting down in the cafe where we had our meeting I came across a flier that brought me back to Jo’burg days.

There, whenever one drove (or walked) by a robot (traffic light to you) one would be handed a wee slip of paper through the window, advertising the services of some witchdoctor or another, and their ability to heal every and all illness and financial difficulty going. You don’t get a lot of that sort of thing here in Newcastle, but I found this charming leaflet in Sunderland:

20130506-215936.jpgFeaturing the teaching of a ‘Prophetic Revivalist’ and promises of miracles and healing and successful weight loss and financial prosperity at every service.

No witchdoctors, but they may as well be. Lies are lies, after all.

And despite the mention of Jesus in the blurb, the nonsense this leaflet was advertising has nothing to do with my Lord.

Still. Memories, eh?

In summary: a working holiday.

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