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On the week [in summary]

This week I have been


Unreached by Tim Chester – still.

How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson – the peanut butter squares were lovely, though I think if I make them again I’ll go for a wee bit more peanut butter, and a wee bit less chocolate.

Listening to:

Peter Dray on ‘Confidence in Scripture’; Lensa Woodcock on ‘Using the Bible in Discipleship’; and Ruth Port on ‘Bringing Change’ – Team Day goodness.


Finally finished the thing I was knitting for Flo, and now working on another thing for her (plus something for the soon-expected Baby Sneddon).

Talking about:

Spines, hospital food, dyslexia, adoption, boredom, books, babies, Luke, exams, revision, interviews, struggle and suffering, gifts, prophecy, Joshua, trains, knitting, Bible, cake, coffee, friendship. prayer, school stories, BB Guns, films, nightmares and dreams, rejoicing, change, music, reminiscing, and fog.

In summary: summarising.

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