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On the geranium.

Back in March, Vic-the-flatmate had a birthday party and one of her guests very kindly brought her the gift of an indoor Geranium.

It didn’t get a great start to life, since Vic may have forgotten to do anything with it, and for a few weeks it was sort of abandoned in a corner of our living room. However, eventually it was remembered and rescued, given a little bit of water, and a bit of sunshine, and now it’s really flourishing.

So much so, in fact, that in the last few days it has rather overgrown itself, and yesterday when I came home from work it had capsized. As we hadn’t been rotating it enough in the sunshine, all the flowers were on one side of the plant, and the weight of blossom was apparently a wee bit much for it to keep upright.


I’ve done a bit of surgery (involving pebbles and a stick) and have managed to get it to remain vertical, but I’m wondering if it needs to be repotted, and or, whether we ought to take cuttings and fill our house with more of these flowers.

My dear Mama has always been a bit of a geranium fan, and now that I have this urge to fill the flat with pink flowers, I’m starting to suspect that fondness for flowers might be genetic. I’ve never really had much success with plants in the past, but it feels like the tide might have turned, still, any botanical advice would be gratefully received.

In summary: floral.

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2 thoughts on “On the geranium.

  1. Have you read The Little White Horse? Salmon pink geraniums!

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