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On technological frustration.

For much of the day I have found myself swinging between irritation and utter despair: all caused by frustrating technology.

One of the jobs I was doing this afternoon was placing an order for a large amount of food. Next week is one of my favourite weeks of the year: summer school (where UCCF staff from the North East, North West, and Scotland get together for study and prayer) and end of year team days; but one of the jobs to do before Monday arrives is to order all the food.

Now, I am a big, big fan of online food shopping, but today the online shopping website has not been my friend. Slow and glitchy and aggravating.

But, when I say slow, let’s be honest, the slowness is entirely relative.

Remember when internet was dial-up? When you sat and listened to the beeps and the whirring and waited and waited for every page to load?

Remember when you had a giant, heavy computer? And the internet had to come through a wire in the wall?

Remember when you didn’t have any internet at all? Or a computer? Or a mobile phone?

I am never satisfied. Impressed for a moment and then it’s over and I’m annoyed again. The fact that I can access the internet on a tiny phone is basically like magic; like actually living in the future. I just forget sometimes.

So, for the moment I’m trying to be grateful and impressed, but not expecting that feeling to last beyond the next minor irritation.

I have a very bad memory.

In summary: trying to be a little less impatient.

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