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On Snapshots: An Instagrammed Day Out

Last night I went to bed at eleven. I slept for six hours (apart from waking once per hour, for no obvious reason). I woke at five, readied myself (physically and emotionally). At 05:45 I left the house and began the long journey to London.

In that, somewhat fragile, state I decided that instagramming my way through the day would be a fun way to pass the time. And it was, so assuming that you don’t follow me on instagram (why don’t you, eh?), here’s a selection of the fruit of a day trip to the Big City, and, in particular, the 8 hours and 20 minutes of train journey that got me there and back:

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In summary: documentary.

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One thought on “On Snapshots: An Instagrammed Day Out

  1. 8 hours and 20 minutes! That’s amazing. Ps that red pedestrian bridge over the train tracks is so Thomas the tank engine

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