surrounded by clouds

On the week [in summary].

This week I have been:


The Girl with Seven Mums on 5: heartbreaking account of a little girl living in a polygamist patriarchal family.

British & Irish Lions vs. The Brumbies – which I’m told is Australian for ‘wild horse’. True. Either way, the Lions did not come off well.


Hosea, again. Love that book.


More origami butterflies to adorn the living room mirror.

A brand new spotty skirt, with lots and lots of buttons, requiring the making of lots of machine-stitched buttonholes. I rejoice at this kind of neatness.

A wee knitted thing for Baby Isla.

Talking about:

Allusion, allegory, Song of Songs, Tiger Bread, Lasagne, strategy, churches, fruit, biology, coffee, humanity, Imago Dei, body, life, personhood, barbeques, wine, struggle, pastoral care, Hosea, prayer, Relay, art, Damien Hirst, death, future, summer, chorizo and haloumi, fire, marshmallows, dreams, cricket, emotion, tears, goodbyes, new life, church, cooking, sewing, prophecy, holidays, photography, babies, and piano lessons.

In summary: summarising.

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