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On packing (and my hatred of it).

Tomorrow I travel.

06:55 train to London. Weep with me.

So tonight I’ve been packing. Well, to be a little more accurate, I spent most of the evening avoiding packing, and then finally, finally packed.

Despite the fact that I have to pack a bag and spend a night away from home at least once a month, I still hate packing. Or maybe that’s why?

Because of the frequency with which I am ‘away’, I’ve become quite speedy at the packing-game, but there’s a big difference between packing a bag for a night or two, and packing a suitcase for a week or two. Have I forgotten something major? Have I brought too much stuff? Or not enough? These are the questions that will keep me awake tonight.

And the weird thing is that once I moved to another country and another hemisphere with only one suitcase full of stuff, and I coped. Although I seem to remember procrastinating with the packing that time too – still packing, unpacking and repacking the bag at midnight, while my parents looked on despairingly.


Anyway, the bag is now packed and I think I have remembered everything. Any guesses now what it is that I’ll have forgotten?

In summary: packing.

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3 thoughts on “On packing (and my hatred of it).

  1. I feel your pain. I’m so bad at getting on with packing that I’ve basically given up on sleeping the night before any major holiday. My guess for what you’ve forgotten is pyjamas. It’s always pyjamas.

    • ellidhcook on said:

      It’s not pyjamas. Last year it was a towel, so it’s not that either.
      First casualty of my memory is my train tickets, causing me to have to buy a brand new single to London (making me £150 poorer).
      Hopefully anything else I’ve forgotten will prove less expensive!

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