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On The Travel Diaries: Ellidh

Whilst I’m out of the country on a trip to a mysterious undisclosed location, the daily blogging will be achieved through a series of travel-related posts, thanks to the kindness of my friends and family, and the wonders of post-scheduling technology.

This installment of The Travel Diaries is brought to you by your regular blogger, Ellidh.  If you want to know who she is then you should read the rest of this blog for a wee introduction.


I’m not a fan of surprises. A friend of mine is getting married in a few weeks time and her husband-to-be is keeping their honeymoon destination a secret, waiting to surprise her when they get to the airport. She’s pretty happy with that, but – any potential suitors take note – I would definitely not be.

In fact, anyone who tried to throw me any sort of surprise party, surprise holiday, surprise anything, would only manage to demonstrate that they didn’t really know me very well.

The reason: I like to look forward to things. I thing it’s half the joy of an event, and if I’m surprised then I feel like I’ve missed out on half the fun.

Those people who do know me well have occasionally managed to incorporate little surprises whilst sticking with my preference for anticipation. For example, lovely friends at uni threw me a surprise party that they told me about in advance; and my parents waited until I was already in America before they told me they were ‘surprising’ me with a trip to New York.

I had wanted to visit the Big Apple for years, and when my folks moved to the US for work a few years ago, they decided that my two week visit to them was a perfect time to make the jaunt up north to New York.

It was a brilliant idea (and I had a full week and a half to look forward to it before we went). We weren’t there for long (Friday afternoon to Monday morning) but we crammed loads into that time (Empire State Building, Times Square, a show on Broadway, Battery Park, Ellis Island [and a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty as we passed], and a brief dash into Central Park).

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Of all the places I’ve ever visited, New York is the one I’d most love to visit again. I’d love to see some of the things I missed, and to see some things again, and just more time to soak up some of the atmosphere. It’s a pretty incredible place.

What one place would you love to revisit?

In summary: New York.

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One thought on “On The Travel Diaries: Ellidh

  1. I will totally come to New York with you, just for the record. I LOVED the four days we spent there!

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