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On The Travel Diaries: Ellidh

Whilst I’m out of the country on a trip to a mysterious undisclosed location, the daily blogging will be achieved through a series of travel-related posts, thanks to the kindness of my friends and family, and the wonders of post-scheduling technology.

This installment of The Travel Diaries is brought to you by your regular blogger, Ellidh.  If you want to know who she is then you should read the rest of this blog for a wee introduction.


A Beach Holiday

When I was little we didn’t really go on beach holidays. Now, I suppose, technically speaking, we did. Our family holidays always happened at the seaside, but I think when one hears the phrase ‘beach holiday’ images of sunshine (and the heat that goes along with it) are conjured up, aren’t they?

Some exotic clime, sandy beaches, blue skies, clear sea, sunshine, warm temperatures, maybe a sun-lounger and a parasol?

That was not my experience.

Our beaches were often sandy, and, to be fair, the skies were sometimes blue, but there was seldom warmth, and there were never parasols. Our seaside holidays were in beautiful, but chilly, places like Northumberland and Scotland, and frequently involved camping in the rain, traipsing around stately homes, building dams in rivers, taking walks up mountains, and swimming in cold seas.

Actually, other than the rain, I quite enjoyed those childhood holidays, but since then I’ve also learnt what a real beach holiday is like too, and, let’s be honest, they have a lot going for them too.


I once thought I’d be bored sitting by a pool or beach, soaking up the sunshine, and only entertained by a book or some knitting.

How foolish I was.

There’s a place in my heart for sun-loungers and parasols. A big place.

How about you? Are you a fan of the beach holiday, or do you need action and sights to keep you entertained?

In summary: lounging.

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