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On Day 5: Data entry

Here at Keswick Youth we have a very clever system for registration.

In order that we might know the numbers of young people attending the various sessions; and so we know which kids are inside the venue (in case parents come looking for lost offspring); and so that we have the right emergency contact information for the right people, we have a technologically advanced system involving wristbands with barcodes, and a few scanners at each door.

Unfortunately, a combination of shoddy manufacturing and hotter-than-usual temperatures have played havoc with the wristbands, making the barcodes unreadable. This in turn has meant many, many replacement bands being issued, which has meant that I’ve spent most of the week back in the world of data-entry.

This has been my view for much of the week:


Still, takes me back (and reminds me to be grateful that’s not my full-time job anymore).

In summary: technology woes.

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