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On Tea: Vallum Farm

Today I went for a visit to the tearoom at Vallum Farm, with a few people from church, to celebrate Tracy’s birthday. Lovely day, lovely company, lovely sunshine, and a chance for another afternoon tea review:

The drink was tea or coffee. I went for tea, and chose Earl Grey (standard). It was from a tea bag (disappointing, but expected), and came in a metal teapot, with an extra pot of hot water. 

The food was sandwiches, a scone, and a couple of pieces of cake. 

We were given a choice of sandwiches, which was a nice touch, because often one isn’t, and often tea sandwiches feature either fish or mayonnaise (both of which I abhor). Unfortunately, although both Jo and I asked for cheese sandwiches and ham sandwiches, we ended up with cheese and ham sandwiches. The ham was lovely (really, really lovely, actually) but I suspect that the cheese was from a packet of grated cheese, and the bread was decidedly dry.

The scone was big, and already put together with the cream and jam. The cream was just whipped, which is a bit disappointing, although (mercifully) not with added sugar, and the jam was fine, but it was presented like a sandwich, which is frankly, not how one eats a scone. As my colleague, Ed, would remark: ‘We aren’t children.’

Actually, the best thing about it all was the cake. Meringues with cream and fruit (although Jo was quite disdainful about the fruit – apparently, if she wanted fruit she would order fruit, and she just wanted cake), and an absolutely delightful Brownie (gooey in the middle – winning).

The location is marvellous (especially in the sunshine) but the tea itself was pretty average, and so I’m giving it a 6.5 out of 10.

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In summary: tea.


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