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On a spot of gardening

Summer is here (except for today and the non-stop rain) and so it feels right to do gardening.

Except I’m pretty sure you’re not actually supposed to do gardening in the summer are you? I think the idea is to plant and stuff in the winter/spring and then enjoy the fruits of your labour in the summer. Well, I didn’t do that, and I don’t actually have a garden, but our flat does have a pink geranium.

It’s actually Vic’s, but she is not the most attentive plant-parent in the world, so I’ve appointed myself as it’s godparent/advocate and I’m keeping a wee eye on it.

My great desire is to fill the house with salmon pink geraniums, and so today I’ve taken a few experimental cuttings to see if I can start the house-filling process going.

Here are some pre and post-pruning pictures, and one of my potential plants;




In summary: not-so-green-fingers

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3 thoughts on “On a spot of gardening

  1. Good work friend! I

  2. Lol agree I’m not at all good at looking after plants!! Thanks for rescuing it/starting your own one!!

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