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On my knitting crisis.

I’m having a knitting problem lately. I just can’t get things to knit up to the right size.

I am, at heart, a pretty lazy knitter. For those of you who are uninformed, in the world of knitting there is such a thing as gauge, which is super-important in getting things to be the correct size. You see, when you get a pattern, it will tell you the type of wool to use, and the size of needles to use, but, since everyone knits at their own unique tension (tightness or looseness), you have to knit a little test swatch first, to check that you’re using the correct needle size.

I hate knitting gauge swatches, there is nothing more boring, but I do it, because I know it’s important. And yet, this diligence has not been paying off recently. The last three things I’ve knitted have been far too big, and I am losing count of the number of half l-knitted pieces that have been ripped out and restarted.

It’s getting to be quite dispiriting, and there are at least two babies who will, at this rate, be starting university before they get their newborn gifts.

In summary: annoying

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