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On the gap yah chat.

Today I was forced to put my headphones in to drown out the conversation going on on the table next to me. Not because the language was offensive, or the topic unpleasant, but because the conversation consisted entirely of one young man recounting the tales of his ‘gap yah’ to a couple of friends.

I’m sure you’ve seen the Gap Yah video on YouTube:

It is funny, primarily because it’s so familiar. If you spend anytime around university students, which I do, then you will hear many a conversation that starts off with this gem:

‘That really reminds me of something that happened on my gap year…’

Source of much ridicule, but hard to avoid. When one travels to far flung places it’s hard not to want to talk about it, and it’s even harder to believe that not everyone will want to hear about it.

But, if you’re finishing a gap year and looking forward to starting uni in a couple of weeks then allow me to give you these words of caution:

Less is more. If you use them sparingly, those gap year stories can keep you going for a whole degree; don’t try and use them all up by the end of freshers’s week.

And don’t forget, you’re not the only one who’s had a year of life-changing experiences, and the fine art of conversation includes listening to other people’s gap yah tales, as well as recounting your own.

In summary: free advice.

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