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On when free still isn’t a good deal.

Today in Durham I was given a free cup of coffee. Looking for a place for a drink with lovely Jo, we wandered by a new ‘gastro-pub’, The Bishop LangleyIt’s a fairly recent arrival in the city, an impressive refurb of the grim-looking Coach & Eight pub, which was there before.

They have a very nice looking roof terrace, which was particularly attractive in the sunshine, and as we walked towards it, a young waiter asked us if we would like a free cup of coffee.

Yes, naturally. Free coffee is always a good thing, right?

Turns out, no, it’s not.

The terrace is lovely in the sunshine, and the staff were delightfully friendly, but, unfortunately, it soon became very clear why they were having to give the coffee away for free.

1. The service was utterly shambolic. They took around ten minutes to come and take our order, and suggested we might like to buy cakes as well. We chose a muffin each, and five minutes later they brought back one muffin, wrapped in cling film (no points for presentation there), and informed us that they were still looking for a second one (eventually, the search was abandoned, with no success).

2. The coffee was not good, basically, fairly bland filter coffee that was slightly cooler than the required temperature for a pleasant cup of coffee.

A shame really, but at least it was free, I suppose.

In summary: 1 out of 5 stars.

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One thought on “On when free still isn’t a good deal.

  1. parental unit (male) on said:

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    I remember the Coach and Eight being rather upmarket. But the last time i was in there would have been August 1972, and I accept it may have changed a bit in 40 years.

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