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On reading lists.

The new academic year is about to start up here, which gives the perfect opportunity for a pile of new year resolutions. One of mine this year is to read more, and in particular, to read more of the books that I own but are sitting on a shelf, with unbent spines.

One of the great delights of my job is that I get a large number of free books, and recently I have not being taken proper advantage of the opportunity. My new plan is to read at least one of these untouched books per month, but it would also be good to balance all of that conservative evangelicalism (the general theme of that bunch of books) with a bit of something different.

Hit me with your recommendations, folks.

In summary: reading.

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2 thoughts on “On reading lists.

  1. fiona lynne on said:

    Will you please do reviews of the books you do read? That’s always fascinating to me…

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