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On #hype

Next week is Forum – the annual UCCF conference for student leaders – and one of the seminars I’ll be leading is all about publicity: helping the students to think about the best ways to let their respective campuses know about the events that they’re putting on.

One of the things we’ll be talking about is publicity that’s free, and so I’ve been watching videos of flashmobs.

I’ve never been part of a flashmob, or even witnessed one live, but I do rather love the idea of them. One of my favourite things about good videos of them is when you catch sight of the faces of people watching: confusion, followed by joy. It’s sweet to see ordinary day-to-day interrupted by dancing and music – a rather lovely ray of sunlight, I think.

Have you ever seen one, or been in one?

In summary: flash mobs.

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One thought on “On #hype

  1. Sadly not, I feel I am missing out.

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