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On Forum: Day 2

Today’s Twitter challenge from Phoebe was to, and I quote, ‘Find the freshest outfit at Forum’.

So, I went for a picture of our lovely married staff workers, Scott and Cathy, or ‘Scathy’ as they’re known, in matching stripes, woolly hats, and solemn expressions. Quite suitable for an alt. Icelandic album cover, I think…


In summary: day 2

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2 thoughts on “On Forum: Day 2

  1. Scott Thomson on said:

    I thought this was for personal banter not public display. What a treat for the world.

    • ellidhcook on said:

      Ah, you see, your mistake was in not reading the small print attached to knowing me. I’ll summarise: By knowing me you are entering into a contract to appear on my blog whenever I deem it necessary.

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