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On the week [in summary]

This week I have been…


John’s Gospel, from beginning to end in one go.

Listening to:

AM by Arctic Monkeys

Andrew Byers on John’s Gospel, at team days.


Whitechapel with Rupert Penry-Jones, which is now on Netflix. I watched the first series, but stopped halfway in to the first episode of the second, because I decided that none of the characters were likeable enough for me to care anything about what happened to them.


My new favourite App, Notability. Allowing me to make legible notes (due to being able to type them), and to make pretty notes, (due to there being colourful, drawing functions included).

Here is a sheep I drew, since my notes were all about shepherds:


Talking about:

Illness, pet peeves, baking, art, frustration, diaries, Relay, holidays, John, the correct way to make coffee, gluten-free recipes, Twitter, prayer, curry, choices, scavenger hunts, shamelessness, illiteracy, commuting, favourite apps, Mo Farah, stairs, ice cream, Chinese food, doppelgängers, crying babies, work, Sunday afternoon naps, and the difficulty of smiling natural when you know someone is taking a photo of you.

In summary: summarising.

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4 thoughts on “On the week [in summary]

  1. I can’t believe you have found an app to replace your doodle-filled notebooks! It is like digitalising a small part of Ellie-ness..

    • ellidhcook on said:

      I’m enjoying the neatness of digitalising me, to be honest. And I expect it will be cheaper than buying all those notebooks, too. X

  2. Sarah Dawkins on said:

    Spent all of yesterday afternoon watching series one of Whitechapel. Just finished series 2 this eve-you were right to give up. Got a little unrealistic!

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