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On knitting on trains.

Another term, another trip away, another blog about knitting on trains.

A few things to note:

1. I’m currently heading into rural Herefordshire (possibly – my geography knowledge is limited when we get this far south), where, due to O2’s poor network coverage, there probably won’t be any signal. Hence my blogging now, before we get there.

2. With that in mind, don’t be alarmed if there’s no post tomorrow. If necessary I’ll blog retrospectively to keep the year’s tally correct.

3. My knitting is a little frustrating and unsuccessful at the moment. Lots of failures, which has caused my knitting plans to fall drastically behind schedule.

4. So, I’ve returned to an old favourite pattern that has worked well in the past, and I hope knitting it a couple of times will deal with the backlog, and get me through my current crisis.

5. I may have run out of space on my blog for uploading photos – not a huge surprise, did you know this my 995th post? – so no picture of knitting on a train this time. How will you cope?

In summary: trains, knitting.

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