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On Durham Freshers’ Getaway

This week I’m hanging out in Herefordshire, or possibly Gloucestershire, or possibly another southerny-midlandy shire, with some of Durham CU.

Every year in the week before Freshers’ Week, the CU run a three day conference called ‘Freshers’ Getaway’, (or ‘Freshaway’, if you’re a lover of ‘abbrevs’) inviting any of the about-to-be first year students who they manage to make contact with, to come along and meet other CU students, and other Freshers, and to hear all about the CU, and to pray about the term ahead, and to generally have fun.

This year they’ve collected together about 40 Freshers, most of the college CU reps, most of the CU Exec, some local church leaders, two Relay workers, and two staff workers, and here we are, praying, and planning, and singing, and chatting, and eating, and hearing from John’s Gospel. It’s also been a particular to joy to chat a bit to some of the new theologians, and get excited about plans for Durham’s Theology Network group this year.

Because I only spend a day a week in Durham I often find that I don’t know the CU there as well, so it’s been lovely to get to spend a bit more time with them over the last day. Although, having just watched some of the guys play a horrendous version of ‘Capture the flag’ around the dining room, whilst snapping each other with damp tea towels, I’m sort of glad that I don’t have to spend too much time with them.

In summary: Freshaway.

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