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On no.900

This is my 900th blog post.

Cray-cray. As they say.

Who would have thought, five and a bit years ago, that I’d still be going today? Not me, that’s for sure.

I started this blog because I was moving to South Africa, and I thought it would be a good way to keep in touch with the folks back home. As it happens, I didn’t actually blog all that much that year (due to a really rubbish internet connection), but somehow I’ve kept going and now here we are, with post number 900. At times the blog feels like a burden, at other times it feels horribly self-indulgent, I can often not think of anything to write, and it’s probably not helpful to have yet another medium for my ranting, and yet, I love it.

Thanks so much for continuing to read it.

And to celebrate 900, here’s 9 of my favourite posts:

On Such Tweet Sorrow | Talking about Twitter.

On Fridays: Josephine Butler | Talking about the first university lunchbar speaker, and starting a new series.

On Insignificant Moments | Talking about quiet legacies.

On Fridays: Dinah | Talking about Dinah and why I wrote a dissertation on her.

On Back to the Barre: Manipulation | Talking about turn out.

On Signs and the City | Talking about Newcastle

On Planning for Zombies | Talking about dying early in an apocalypse.

On Being Marked | Talking about tattoos.

On Fridays: Bathsheba | Talking about why Uriah’s wife is Jesus’ ancestor.

In summary: 900.

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