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On dinner at the Cross Keys Inn

One of the many happy surprises of my job is a reconnecting with one long lost godmother.

My godmother’s daughter, (who we will call my godsister, for want of a better shorthand) is one of the CU college reps at Durham. I found that out via a Christmas family newsletter last year, and spent a good three months trawling through Durham trying to find her. I finally pounced on her and introduced myself in March, and this evening went out for dinner with her, her mother (my godmother), her father, and her cousin.
Quite a lovely reunion.

We went to a pub called the Cross Keys Inn, which is in a village called Esh, not far from Durham, and I’d have to declare it the best pub food I’ve ever tasted.


They were having a ‘Pie Week’, with all sorts of wonderful fillings such as, duck and orange, rabbit and blackberry, sloppy joe, and cod, crayfish and spinach.
I went for something a wee bit more mainstream, steak and Guinness, and it was really lovely. Great pie (tasty filling, and puff pastry top) accompanied by chips and four vegetables.
For pudding I picked Caramel Brûlée, which was predictably delightful, but the clear favourite of the table was the Sticky Banana Pudding.
Final icing on the cake, as far as I was concerned, was the coffee, served in a proper mug, with a chocolate digestive on the side.

Win. And definitely recommended if you’re looking for dinner in County Durham.

In summary: Five stars.

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