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On Relay: Lunch

Every week the Relay workers have ‘supervision’ – basically, I spend a couple of hours with each of them individually, chatting about their week, (work, study, life, church, future, etc.) and we also spend two hours together, talking about the bible, discussing a book that we’re reading together, and praying for and with one another.

Part of the together time includes eating lunch together. I really enjoy this part of the day – partly because it gives me an excuse to cook for other people – and love that a couple of hours of food and cups of tea and lounging on my sofas is so handy for getting to know them better.

This week we ate chicken pasta and garlic bread, and they gave a little presentation on what they’ve been learning about the two unis they’re working with this year. They’ve been working on a wee project called ‘Decoding the Campus’, which involves them finding out about the geography, demographics and ethos of each university, and then interviewing a few students to find out what they think on a variety of issues. It should be helpful for both Gareth and Fiona, as they continue to work on these campuses, to better understand the mindset of the people who they’re trying to reach; and it’s always interesting for me to hear what they’ve found out.

Quite enlightening.

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In summary: lunch.


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