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On my office.

Experience teaches me that I’m not very good at working from home. I am far too easily distracted by laundry, or food, or stray balls of yarn to be productive, and so I usually work out of the house, and most often, in a coffee shop.

20131011-143955.jpgAny coffee shop will do, actually, but I do spend most of my time in one of the three places: The Basement Cafe, an independent run by a local church, where they make an excellent Flat White, and boast one lovely big table, which is especially good for studying around with the Relays; Starbucks, in a variety of locations (and in both cities), which I don’t love, but which is a convenient enough place to stop for a bit of work every now and then; and Caffe Nero, firm favourite, where I spend approximately 70% of my life.

Nero is conveniently located about 3 minutes walk away from two of my three universities, and yet is also not overrun with students; the coffee is decent, as is the food; the service is always excellent; the place is clean, and calm, and the music isn’t too loud (or irritating); the wifi is reliable; and loyalty is rewarded with free drinks (and the occasional free pastry if you’re hanging around at the end of the day.

Today I was there from 9 until 5:30 (aside from brief trip out to TK Maxx), so it really does feel like my office. Only, if it were my office then I’d have my own desk, I suppose. I do have a favourite seat, of course, but today someone else was sitting there (how rude), and I had to manage for the whole day in an unfamiliar seat. Quite disconcerting, but I coped.

As offices go, it’s not a bad one.

In summary: work.

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