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On food.

This weekend I’m off to hang out with Newcastle CU at their houseparty. Exciting times.

Whilst at this weekend away I’ll be giving a seminar on Meals with a Message/Dialogue Suppers/Evangelistic Dinner Parties. Whatever you want to call it, the idea is that you host a dinner party or meal, and use it to share the gospel with the friends who come along; through a talk or story shared, or a discussion proposed.

My prep for this has involved a few different things, including reading A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester, which I love (review to follow), and producing a wee pack to give out to the students, including some tips for hosts, some discussion ideas, and a number of recipes to follow.

The fact that people are asking me for recipe advice amuses me greatly. Newer friends will not be able to understand, older friends will be equally amused, and perhaps concerned for the state of food in Newcastle if I’m the one being asked.

Nevertheless, this, combined with a week of Northumbria dinner parties to come next week, has put food on my mind a great deal, and causes me to ask this question:

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had, and why?

Next week will be a bit of an homage to all things dinner-related, in honour of Northumbria, so stay tuned for that.

In summary: feeling hungry.

I’ll share some of mine in a

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One thought on “On food.

  1. I had a lovely breakfast on Saturday. Potato and spinach rosti with ham and poached eggs covered in hollondaise. It was pretty amazing. Not the best meal I’ve ever had, but definitely pleasing.

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