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On rapping Pi

On Saturday night at BEC we had a quiz, organised by yours truly.

It was essentially a bit of a quiz, and a bit of an insight into what the world would be like if I were Empress. There were the standard geography, history, and general knowledge questions, but points were awarded for pandering to me, and points deducted for insulting or displeasing me.

We had a scavenger hunt with items such as ‘something I will think is beautiful’ and ‘something that will make me happy’ on the list, where the teams competed with one another to compliment me (quite enjoyable, actually).

And the final round was a party-trick round, where I instructed each team to nominate one member to perform some feat of skill or strength to impress me. One team showed off some lovely embroidery, another performed an amusing ‘magic trick’, another had one of their number do a handstand, the fourth had their Irish member address me in Irish (purportedly a compliment, but in truth, I only recognised one word – children – which he was using to insult everyone else, so frankly he could have said anything…), and finally, one team sent up two members, one to be a human beatbox, and the other to rap through the first fifty places of Pi. Deeply geeky, but so impressive.

Here’s a wee clip of the rapping:

In summary: self-indulgent quizzing

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