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25 things.

25 Things About Me!

It’s been hanging around facebook for a while, and one of my super-cool friends demanded that I join in the fun. But I decided to blog it instead.

This was supremely harder than I thought it would be. 25 is a lot.

1. My name is Eleanor Ruth, although most people know me as Ellie. I wasn’t called Ellie until I was fifteen (when my lovely friend, Miss Emma Frances Lucy Boden, renamed me) but now pretty much everyone uses it and are often pretty surprised to find out that it’s not my real name.

Eleanor is an English derivation of a French form of the Greek name Helene which means ‘torch’ or ‘bright light’. The two famous Eleanors who inspired my parents in this name choice are Eleanor of Acquitane, wife of Henry II, who murdered her husband’s mistress, and Eleanor Rigby of the Beatles song, who died alone. Nice.

Ruth is a Hebrew name meaning ‘friend’. It is the first name of my only aunt, and also an attempt by my parents to ‘get a bit of Bible’ into my name.

2. I’m left-handed but can do pretty much everything with my right hand too, including writing, sewing, applying make up, peeling vegetables, painting my nails and brushing my teeth. This leads me to wonder whether I’m actually just an ambidextrous person who hasn’t practiced as much with her right hand.

3. I have a tattoo, it’s of a butterfly, it’s on my ankle and I got it when I was 20 in a moment of impulsiveness after a brutal break-up. But I still love it.

I think tattoos can be some of the prettiest or the ugliest things in the world, largely dependent on where they are and what they’re of.

4. My favourite book in the whole world is ‘The Outsiders’ by S.E. Hinton. If you haven’t read it you should. The author was 15 when she started writing it and 17 when it was published. It’s a book for teenagers, but that doesn’t stop it from being awesome.

It was also made into one of the best films-based-on-a-book ever. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring (amongst others) Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise and Emilio Estevez in some of their earliest roles, it sticks to the book pretty much word for word.

5. I love to knit. I do it most of the time, and consider it to be one of my main life-skills. Even though I suck at cooking I do have this domestic art down, which gives me joy! I was taught by my third year uni flatmate Mrs Julie Torrance (nee McConnell) – who will forever have my gratitude!

No.5 and No.25
No.5 and No.25

6. My favourite musician is Kate Rusby. She is ace.

7. I got sent to the headteacher twice in my entire school career. The first was in my first year of infant school because my friends and I were tying our scarves around a tree. I still don’t know what was so offensive about this particular action, but, whatever. The second was in my final year of junior school because a friend and I were trying to set fire to a piece of wood using the mighty power of the sun and a microscope. We told some little ones that we were going to use it to set fire to the school, they told a teacher and she dragged us off to the headmaster. In this case I can totally see the bad – arson = not good, but thankfully Mr Bone (head dude) just saw the funny and let us go. A good day.

8. I used to hate mushrooms but they’re now in the top ten of my favourite foods.

9. I loved my fourth year uni flat for many reasons, but two which immediately come to mind are the half-circle window seat, and the fact that whenever sweet Fiona procrastinated she baked (and she procrastinated quite a lot).

10. The first time I flew in an airplane I was 19 years old. I went on a choir trip to Norway. We got bumped up to business class, which sounds pretty exciting, but in reality just meant that we got to sit in the seats at the very front and ate a different meal to everyone else.

11. My favourite ‘meals’ include: venison stew, Portobello mushrooms on pizza, couscous, steak (bloody), Black Forest Gateau, chicken fajitas, shepherd’s pie, and peanut butter, banana and prawn cocktail crisps in a sandwich.

12. I have 6 piercings – two in each ear, one in my nose and one in my belly button – I only wear jewellery in my ears now, and only very occasionally. Which in retrospect seems like a lot of pain for nothing, but I’m okay with that.

13. I cried when I watched the final episode of ‘The O.C.’ Not because the plot was sad, but because the series was over for ever and that upset me.

14. The people who make me laugh till it hurts the most are my sisters.

15. I wanted John Major to win the Conservative Party leadership race after Margaret Thatcher (the-milk-snatcher) resigned as Prime Minister. I was 7 at the time, I misheard his name as John Manger, which made me think of baby Jesus. After he won I felt responsible. I wanted Tony Blair to win in ’97 too. It wasn’t until Dubya got in for a second term that I was fully convinced that I wasn’t controlling election results with the power of my mind.

16. I was scared of earthquakes when I was little because I thought that when they happened the ground opened up and if you were by the crack you would slip in and fall to the centre of the earth and be burnt to death in the molten lava. The relief that I felt when I found out that this isn’t true cannot be put into words.

17. Although I have never smoked in my life I occasionally have dreams where I do. After I wake up I’ll crave a cigarette for the rest of the day.

18. I loved ‘The Sound of Music’ when I was little. I first watched it when I was three years old and then broke my mother’s heart by announcing: ‘I wish Maria (Julie Andrews) was my mummy’.

19. I was quite a scaredy-cat as a child. My fears included, but were not limited to, the following: thunderstorms, boats, donkeys and most bugs, but especially the crane fly or daddy-long-legs, that nightmare of all camping holidays. My older sister, Rachel, made up a song to help alleviate this final fear, the lyrics of which are as follows: ‘There’s a crane fly on the ceiling and it’s not going to hurt you.‘ Repeat.

20. I used ‘Ellidh’ as the spelling of my name on this blog because no one else on wordpress had already reserved it, but I first settled on the spelling when I was in my final year of uni, performing in an Irish dance show, and a friend and I were working on the cast list and trying to ‘Irish up’ people’s names. Ellie become Ellidh, Ruthie becomes Ruataith etc.

This fun-filled game is based on the fact that when my mother started school in Ireland in the late 1950s it was decided that her name ‘Elizabeth Illingworth’ wasn’t Irish enough, so the nuns changed it and for the next seven years or so she was known as ‘Eilis’. As you do.

21. The last time I went to the hairdresser she told me that my hair was the longest that she had ever cut.

22. I love to go for afternoon tea. The best so far was a few summers ago when I went with my Ma to Claridge’s Hotel in London. The sheer awesomeness of it can’t even be described. Engraved silverware, champagne, beautiful sandwiches, macaroons and strawberries, a tea called Russian Caravan, and the nicest waitress in the world.

23. I make my own jewellery, which I love, but I don’t have the willpower necessary to avoid buying beads whenever I see them.

24. According to Wikipedia I share my birthday (30th March) with the following awesome people: Vincent van Gogh, Rolf Harris, MC Hammer and Celine Dion.

25. If I could find a way to knit for Jesus it would totally become my full time job.


2 thoughts on “25 things.

  1. Cannot BELIEVE you like Kate Rusby! No one else I know has even heard of her! She’s mint 🙂

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