surrounded by clouds

The Toon.

I’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of my sweet (and awesomely named) friend, Mrs Fiona Koefoed-Jespersen.

After she moved to Brussels three years ago she dedicated a page to her blog to record her favourite places to visit (and eat at) in her new city. You can find it here.

I’ve been living in Newcastle for just over two months now, but, God willing, I hope to be here at least 3 years, and very probably quite a lot longer than that, so I thought I might start a page to plug my favourite places to see, things to do, and most importantly, places to drink coffee and/or eat delicious things, in my fair city and its surrounding area. Hopefully you’ll find these interesting – and useful if you happen to be moving here yourself, coming for a visit, or passing through on your way somewhere else.


The Basement Coffee House

The Butterfly Cabinet

The Factory Kitchen (for Afternoon Tea)

Cafe 21, Fenwick’s (for Afternoon Tea)

Pink Lane Coffee



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